About Us

With IIAL you can become a citizen of the world!

IIAL presents a new and exciting way to learning languages with classes 

French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese.


IIAL Welcomes Children and Adults to Become Citizens of the World!

These languages are taught through an engaging method of artistic immersion which brings the language to life. Classes are focused on either dance, music, visual arts, and culinary arts. At IIAL, our classes are engineered to be small- three students being the minimum and eight being the maximum.


Following our method of artistic immersion, our classes are interactive and fun and do not feature the traditional textbook or manual.


Our teachers are all skilled and educated native speakers who are committed to their language and to their artistic trade. Their teaching methods are innovative and are designed to keep the class motivated and excited. As each group of people are different, the teachers respond to the demands and curiosities of each class.


The music geared language class is designed to focus on the phonetic aspect of the language while learning basic conversation. The students are exposed to both classical and folk music, and have fun with singing, recitation, movement activities and tongue-twisters. Students learn to play percussion instruments and feel the music of the culture they are engaged in.


The visual art geared language class is taught through the study of real art pieces as well as through a hands-on art workshop. Students learn the chosen language through an authentic experience of creating and self-expression. The adult visual art classes will present a more academic approach (such as art history) to the art while the childrens’ classes will feature a more “hands-on” method of learning.


The culinary art geared language class teaches the language through the student’s participation in creating and tasting of authentic cuisine. Language is taught through identification of food, verbalization of recipes, and the description of various courses. Conversation is taught over coffee and between learning recipes. This class features a fun way to learn the language and savor the result of your studies.


The dance geared language class teaches the language while also teaching authentic dance techniques and the culture surrounding the dance and language. Students will engage their minds and bodies as they learn dance from a skilled dancer and native speaker. Additionally, the students will learn relaxation techniques and basic conversation.